Star Wars: The Old Republic
I worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic for a total of two years broken up into separate single year contracts. I was first involved with the project from January 2009 - January 2010 and then returned for a second year from July 2011 - July 2012. My primary role was that of a world-builder and lighting artist. At various times, I was also called upon to fill the role of a modeler, texture artist, and participate in the planning and prototyping of new areas. My work appears in several planets from the core game, as well as areas of post-release content, some of which remain unannounced.

Most areas of The Old Republic were worked on by multiple artists, and made use of shared or repurposed props. I will attempt to indicate my role in each of the areas shown. The screen shots below are drawn from areas to which I made major contributions.
I created several large external areas for the planet of Alderaan. I was responsible for sculpting and painting the terrain, as well as placement of static models to create a believable alpine environment. I selected combinations of pre-existing props to create a number of interior areas including Killik occupied mines, and ancient buried ruins

For Hoth, I sculpted and painted expanses of external terrain with the goal of closely matching the look of existing Star Wars canon. I also created several architectural features by re-purposing existing assets. The area shown below features a crashed ship I created by modifying pre-existing rubble assets.

Rise of the Rakghouls
I developed several small areas for the Rise of the Rakghouls post-release event. I was responsible for developing the look of an industrial facility built into the crater of a volcano for Lost Island. I also created the dark and cluttered sewer area for Kaon Under Siege.

Rise of the Rakghouls
I was responsible for a variety of modeling and texturing tasks for the upcoming Asation area. I created several props and textures used in the architecture of the area. I also finalized textures for a number of other props initially created by other artists.