Purgatory Valley
A gloomy jungle punctuated with ruins modeled after various religious sites. This was the first world zone encountered by new players. I created the terrain textures, water shrine asset and textures, and most of the foliage textures for this scene. Some additional foliage work was done by Michael Hutchison, and the area layout was created by the Faxion world-building team.

Holy Wars Temple
My final task for Faxion was the creation of a modular set of architectural pieces which could be used to construct walled temple fortresses in multiple configurations. A somewhat chaotic test temple is shown below. I designed the modular system for the walls and towers, and created all of the models and textures for this set.

Fields of Hunger
This zone represented the sin of gluttony and was divided between a thriving farmland and a putrid landfill. I created all of the terrain textures pictured and most of the small props. I was responsible for the initial design of the viking-farm architecture which was then completed by the Faxion outsourcers. I created the ruined viking-farm model pictured. I also setup the zone lighting and atmospheric conditions.

Penitent Wastes
Representing the sin of wrath The Penitent Wastes take the form of a parched desert punctuated by rivers and pools of blood. I was responsible for the intital visual concept of this zone and blended desert features with rocks and textures meant to resemble bones and teath Except for the characters, I created all of the art assets shown.

Hell Architecture
I was tasked with creating a set of generic buildings to complement the Point of Interest structures in the Hell environment. These buildings were my own designs but re-used existing textures created by other members of the Faxion team. In addition to these buildings I created a number of prop items for hell themed environments.

I was responsible for the layout and world-building of the Heaven zone as well as creating the terrain textures and generic architecture for the zone. I also created the Heaven Portal and Tree of Life assets.

Ascedia Peaks
Ascedia peaks was intended to depict the sin of pride and featured chrome covered buildings in a constant state of upgrade or repair. I created all of the terrain textures for this zone and modeled all of the architecture shown. Building textured created by both Michael Hutchison and myself.

Avarice Canyons
I created a modular cave tunnel set and accompanying mine props for the Avaric Canyons zone. Additionally I was responisble for the layout, lighting, and propping of the area shown.