John Morris
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Professional Game Development Experience

Star Wars: The Old Republic (BioWare Austin) July 2011 - July 2012
Environment Artist (One Year On-site Contract)
  • Worked as the primary artist tasked with creating 34 small areas for post-release content:
    • Worked with designers to schedule, scope, and block-out all needed areas
    • Tracked the progress of art tasks by myself and others working on these areas
    • Implemented final art and lighting for 17 of the planned areas
    • Defined the look of new areas and developed new looks for existing settings
    • Modified and re-purposed existing assets
    • Created additions to existing asset sets when necessary
  • Contributed modeling, texture creation, and world building work to patches 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, and other areas of unreleased content
  • Re-touched and corrected problem assets and areas in preparation for shipping the project

Faxion Online (True Games Interactive) March 2010 - July 2011
Environment Prop and Texture Artist
  • Worked with another artist as a two person team responsible for producing the environment art for an MMO in approximately 15 months.
  • Responsible for defining the look of seven game zones.
    • Created a set of 6 - 8 tiling terrain materials for each zone
    • Painted and implemented any necessary dynamic detail plants
    • Setup world lighting and atmospheric conditions for key times of day
    • Created or grey-boxed any props necessary to begin world building
  • Responsible for the design, layout, world-building and majority of the art for one zone (Heaven Player Hub).
  • Created numerous model sets including modular interiors, architecture sets, plants,weapons, and miscellaneous props.
  • Provided initial direction and feedback to outsourcers for creating additional props
  • Participated in optimization efforts including rooming of environments and working with engineers to implement a level of detail system.

Star Wars: The Old Republic (BioWare Austin) January 2009 - December 2009
Environment Artist (One Year On-site Contract)
  • Using HeroEngine tools to sculpt and paint terrain in the game world
  • Propping and lighting of interior areas
  • Creation of asset groups ("pre-fabs") for reuse through out the game-world

Notable Student and Amateur Game Development Experience

The Color of Doom (Source Engine) January-June 2008
Selected as a 2009 IGF Student Showcase Winner
Art Lead (Faculty Selected), Technical Artist, Animator
16 person team(6 Artists, 7 Designers, 3 Programmers)
  • Responsible for assigning tasks and ensuring a consistent art style
  • Rigging, animation cycles, and character compile scripts for four characters
  • Research and documentation of the Source engine asset pipeline
  • Design and creation of specialized material effects.

Myth 2: Myth Worlds (Myth 2 Engine) March 2001
Artist and Level Scripter
  • Contributed to 3 projects included on the extras disc: Bushido: The Way of the Warrior, The Seventh God, 1861 Civil War
  • Enemy placement and Scripting for six levels
  • Concept and layout of two levels and a physics system driven forest fire.
  • Creation of more then ten environment asset sprites

  • Low and High Polygon Modeling
  • UV Unwraps
  • Texture Painting & Baking
  • Tiled Texture Creation
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Terrain Painting
  • World Building
  • Environment Propping and Lighting
  • Custom Rig Creation
  • Driven Keys and MEL Script
  • Character Studio/Biped Animation
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Maxscript Tool Creation
  • Object Oriented Java / JOGL
  • 3D Studio Max 2009
  • Maya 2008
  • Adobe Photoshop CS 4
  • Mudbox 2009
  • Crazy Bump
  • xNormal
  • RoadKill
  • Hero Engine Asset Pipeline
  • Unreal Tournament 3 Editor
  • Source Engine Asset Pipeline
  • VTF Edit
  • Dreamweaver
  • Subversion SVN
  • Perforce

The Guildhall at SMU, Plano TX January 2007 - June 2008
Masters of Interactive Technology, Art Creation
GPA: 3.86/4.0

Rice Univeristy, Houston TX August 2000 - May 2005
B.A. English
GPA: 3.2/4.0